Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is basically customer relationship management software, and usually Internet capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way. It also helps in profiling prospects, understanding their needs, and in building relationships with them by providing the most suitable products and enhanced customer service. It integrates back and front office systems to create a database of customer contacts, purchases, and technical support, among other things.
Its database which purposely tracks consumer service issues, and a web page that permits customers to verify inventory availability, check order position and put orders and Capturing visitor information to your website, which includes visitor’s name, e-mail ID, location and his purchasing choices. This solutions also supply the capacity to interact with consumers through any medium they select and distribute information to consumers in real-time. Along with fulfilling the above goal, the good CRM systems examine and provide absolute view of customer’s behavior patterns, past and present dealings to sales executives in order to suggest
the best available product or solution to the customer.